“We believe in timeless design that manifests
sophistication and creates nostalgia…”


Adriana Hoyos is pioneer of a unique style – timeless, warm and sophisticated – in interior design as well as in furniture design. Throughout a career that spans over 27 years, ten furniture collections, and hundreds of interior design projects, Adriana has created a versatile portfolio of residential, commercial and hospitality projects for prominent individuals and corporations in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, France and the United Kingdom. Adriana’s journey began after completing a degree in Design in the U.S. and establishing a design studio that has now expanded to an international multifaceted organization with offices in Miami and Latin America.


Adriana Hoyos Design Studio

“A scientist in nature, Adriana analyzes everything from the space relationship to the end-use. Proportion is her friend, especially in commercial projects like hotels and public spaces where she is able to dimensionally embrace the space several stories high and totally understands the ratio between human scale and environmental appreciation.” - Esther Jackson, Editor and Publisher.

“Adriana Hoyos and her team of architects knew how to translate our desires into a unique architectural design, one that makes us feel at ease with the different characteristics that identify us, something all clients surely seek. I must confess myself delighted with the achievement: the home is an integrated and harmonious composition.” - Client.

Adriana Hoyos Design Studio
Adriana Hoyos Design Studio

“From the house of our dreams to our dream home… To our great fortune, the AHDS has a team of professionals dedicated to capturing the essence of the client’s lifestyle and converting it into functional, beautiful spaces.” - Client.