AHDS maintains a philosophy and responsibility of linking the architecture with interior design. Our goal is to create functional spaces where circulation, space use and the habitat link the user’s experience with their everyday environments. It is for this reason that in designing architecture we always begin by outlining the distribution of spaces and end with the design of the facades.

Adriana Hoyos Design Studio offers design services catered to the scope and complexity of each project. From programing and space planning to project closeout. Our team of architects and designers work with each client to deliver a holistic design that may even include the facade or exterior finishing of the project.

* Service only offered outside of the USA.

Interior Design

AHDS interior design is characterized by creating a harmony between the taste preferences of the client as well as their needs. This service covers the following: selection of construction finishes, ceiling design along with the lines of a general lighting concept design. We advise on the selection of toilets, faucets and hardware.

This process includes Custom Millwork Design, which specializes in designing custom furniture and special decorative elements. For example reception counters, bookcases, doors, screens, handrails, among others.

Decoration & Styling

Adriana Hoyos Design Studio believes that the Interior Decoration of a Project is the most important phase of a design process. It adds a perceivable value to the properties. This service covers the selection and advice of the following: furniture with it’s fabrics and finishes, decorative lighting and accessories, paintings and area rugs, window treatment and selection of special wall finishes (wallpaper, paint).

Interior Decoration at AHDS aims to bring aesthetics together, taking care of the details and customizing each space for the user.

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