Interior Design

Inspiration is our drive. Design is our strength

In AHDS Interior Design, our main goal is to blend functionality with aesthetics, always keeping in mind our client’s vision and guest experience. Within this service we take care of selecting and advising on: Floor and wall construction finishes. Kitchen, bathroom and closet furniture and layout (in collaboration with specialized vendors). Customed millwork design. Ceiling and lighting concept design.

Carbonell Residence

A Bachelor apartment where elegance and sensuality intertwine, creating a harmonious space that exudes sophistication.

ADRIANA HOYOS Design Studio believes that the interior decoration of a project is the most important phase of the design process. It adds perceivable value to properties. This service covers the selection and advice on the following: furniture with its fabrics and finishes, decorative lighting and accessories, paintings and area rugs, window treatments, and the selection of special wall finishes (wallpaper, paint). Interior decoration at AHDS aims to bring a visual narration and attention to every detail.